Vudu Staff



Loves making and drinking coffee, snowboarding (powder snow), travelling around the world to experience different cultures and foods. Loves cooking, eating and nice wine so much!




Victor - loves days off and holidays. Hates working because he cant wear his girlfriends bright clothes. Loves washing dishes and is currently doing a very important research into dishwashing liquid.




Loves to get drunk, bbqs, rock and roll, snowboarding, cooking and eating a lot..all in between been in charge of this motley kitchen crew. Leads by example !




is working and travelling her way way around the world. New Zealand is her 40th country and one of her favourites. Also loves art, photography, yoga, tramping, hulla hooping and juggling.




Rachel - loves snowboarding, rock music, the sun and food, cooking and eatinmg. Is a part time worker at vudu and part time mum. Loves eating crackers until she feels sick.



Savia - Loves music, art, snowboarding, cooking and eating food and drinking nice wine along with it. Loves handsome guys, sex getting drunk and travelling.